Bringing cooling access to the rural economy


The SelfChill Cold Room includes everything you need for a final plug-and-play installation at your location. It is an autonomous, solar-powered cooling system that can be integrated into various agricultural value chains. Our solution can store agricultural products such as fruits, vegetables, herbs, seeds, and other commodities at the required optimal temperature and relative humidity.

Thanks to our modular and flexible approach, the system is designed and built to meet your unique needs. Our engineering team is always available to help you through the process, from design to final implementation.


Power by Solar

The Cold Room is designed to run only with solar energy. No additional power support is required

Natural Refrigerant

It runs with R290, a natural refrigerant with an ultra-low Global Warming Potential (GWP)

Temperature Range: 5 – 15 °C

Fully adjustable temperature and humidity allow final users to prolong the shelf life of their products

Proven Performance up to 50°C

The cold room has been specially designed and tested for the harsh conditions of tropical regions

High Peak Cooling Power: 3.6 kW

Thermal storage allows high energy discharge rates, which are required to cool down the products effectively


Solar cold rooms of of 10 m³ to 40m³ are possible. Several SelfChill cooling units can be connected in parallel, creating a system adapted to our customer’s need 


The system is based on the SelfChill concept, in which the cold is generated by the solar-powered SelfChill Cooling Units and stored in the water chiller, thermal storage based on ice. This thermal storage provides efficient cold transfer with high rates of discharge and low losses. The cold energy is sent to the storage room using an ultra-low power consumption pump. A heat exchanger and a control system guarantee reliable cold transfer and air distribution to the storage room. With the solar-powered Cold Room, different products can be cooled down independently of any infrastructure using only the sun’s energy.