Cooling for small-scale and rural milk production


The SelfChill Milk Tank is a pre-configured, complete milk cooling system ready for plug-and-play installation. This device can cool up to 1200 liters of milk per day without incurring additional fuel or electricity costs. By using this device, farmers can maintain the quality of their milk during storage and transportation avoiding milk spoilage due to high ambient temperatures.

Like other SelfChill solutions, the milk cooling system is powered by solar energy, scalable, and fully configurable to meet any demand. Our team is always ready to collaborate on your next project and offer the best proposal.


Power by Solar

The milk tank system is designed to run only with solar energy. No additional power support is required

Natural Refrigerant: R-600a

R-600a is a refrigerant with zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) and ultra low Global Warming Potential (GWP)

Capacity: 80 – 1200 liters per day

With a wide range of storage capacities, the system can be suitable for different milk production levels

Cooling Performance

Number of hours to reach the target temperature:


High Peak Cooling Power: 6.8 kW

Thermal storage allows high energy discharge rates, which are essentially needed to reduce the milk temperature in a short period of time

Suitable for Transporation

Mobile cooling is crucial in the milk value chain since farmers usually have to transport their products to collection centers 


The SelfChill Milk Tank is a solar-powered milk cooling system that utilizes the SelfChill Cooling Units to generate cold, which is stored in an ice reservoir. The cold water is then pumped to a double-walled tank, where the milk is cooled through indirect contact with the cooling medium. The tank is also equipped with an agitator to prevent temperature and fat stratification.

The system is controlled by a control unit that optimizes the use of solar energy and provides remote monitoring and control. Additionally, the system can be enabled with pay-per-use functionality, creating new business model opportunities.


We are ready to help you configure and implement the ideal solution for your needs. Our Engineering Team will assist you until the final step at the target site.