Stay cool for optimal performance


The SelfChill outdoor battery cool box offers reliable protection for batteries or electrical devices from high ambient temperatures and external influences. It can be equipped with one or two high-efficiency vapor compression cooling units (CU), which can be powered directly from PV panels or an external DC power source.
Thanks to an efficient heat exchanger, there are no moving parts on the outside.
The insulated PVC sandwich construction provides good thermal insulation and excellent
weather resistance. SelfChill battery cooling solutions are individually scalable
and can be dismantled for transport. With 90g of refrigerant per refrigeration circuit,
the box can also be sent by air freight.


Solar Direct Drive

The Battery cooling is designed to run in direct connection to a PV Panel. No energy is consumed by the stationary batteries.

Natural refrigerant

The battery cooling runs with R600a, a natural refrigerant with an ultra-low GWP

Extended lifetime

The life time of your batteries is two times longer at 20 °C than at 30 °C

Durable construction

Made of composite material consisting of glass fiber reinforced polyester (GRP) and polyurethane rigid foam core, ensuring excellent thermal insulation and exceptional weather resistance


Individually scalable battery cooling solutions, catering to different system sizes and requirements

Versatile power source

Flexibility to run on solar power or external DC power