Be Cool Ghana & Kenya

Keep it fresh, keep it profitable

03/2023 - 02/2026


General Overview

Phaesun and Solar Cooling Engineering had successfully finalized the PV Cool Kenya project, which was supported by the developpp-programme in 2022. Different SelfChill system configurations had been tested in terms of user acceptance and performance in rural Kenya. Now the scope of the new project BeCool Ghana and Kenya lies in the implementation of different end-user business models for cold rooms and the corresponding financing schemes to make the technology affordable. BeCool stands for Business Empowerment with Solar Cooling Solutions.


Nearly 40 percent of the workforce in Ghana as well as in Kenya is employed in agriculture. Especially in rural areas where agriculture is present and electricity is rarely available, many smallholder farmers face post-harvest losses due to lack of refrigeration. SelfChill together with farmers and food traders aims to implement innovative solar-driven cold rooms to store fruits and vegetables along the supply chain.


  • Implementation of SelfChill cold rooms for testing with farmers and food traders
  • Workshops to analyze agricultural value chains and the potential of cooling systems
  • Technical training for the construction and installation of solar-powered cold rooms
  • Implementation of financing schemes for end-users
  • Promotion and awareness building measures


The project is co-financed by DEG Impulse from public funds of the German Federal Ministriy for Economic Cooperation and Development.

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