We want to chill the world! And we want it the Off-Grid way!


At SelfChill, we believe that sustainable cooling is not just a necessity, but a responsibility.
Our mission is to make cooling systems more energy-efficient and eco-friendly, while ensuring maximum performance, durability and affordability. For us, sustainable cooling solutions offer enormous potential:

  • to minimize post-harvest losses in agriculture
  • to make everyday life in hot regions cooler; at home; in offices or other workplaces,
  • to protect sensitive equipment against heat even for locations far from the electricity grid and to make it more durable.

Sustainability is key and we follow it in all perspectives:

  • All our systems can be powered by PV
  • They operate with highest efficiency
  • Use of refrigerants with lowest global warming potential
  • Modular solutions adaptable to local context
  • Keeping the transport volume and weight low
  • Looking for the most affordable solution for the end-users.


SelfChill offers cooling technologies that can be all supplied by PV. We have developed different solutions based on vapour compression heat pumps:

  • DC systems with thermal storage: most cost-efficient and scalable. Suitable for local assembly and construction based on SelfChill solar cooling units See how it works.
  • AC systems for cold rooms and freezing rooms (monoblocs): If you need to go into the very low temperature range, we offer the perfectly fitting systems based on AC monoblocs.
  • Air conditioning for homes, offices and other work areas.
  • Battery cooling based on SelfChill Cooling Units.

Most cooling systems use conventional refrigerants that have a high Global Warming Potential (GWP). Our systems are filled with natural refrigerants such as R-290 and R-600a, which have zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) and ultra-low Global Warming Potential (GWP).


  • Our first products were especially designed for small-holder farmers or cooperatives in rural areas in Africa, Latin America or Asia that are not connected to the electricity grid. Major agricultural products and food can be cooled such as milk, vegetables, fruits, meat, fish or any liquids and drinks.
  • We have extended our product portfolio to supply also households, offices, public institutions with affordable air conditioning systems. And developed innovative solutions for technical equipment cooling in hot areas.
  • Phaesun as distribution company located in Germany aims to cooperate with local assembly and distribution partners in the target countries eneabling them to offer individual cooling solutions to their clients. Furthermore, we address NGOs, GOs and social initiatives to use our cooling products in their projects and offer engineering support and trainings.

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