Solar Cooling Training Ghana

Introduction to Sustainable Cooling Technologies

June 11th-13th, 2024…
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Nearly 40 percent of the workforce in Ghana is employed in agriculture. Especially in rural areas where agriculture is present and electricity is rarely available, many smallholder farmers face post-harvest losses due to lack of refrigeration. SelfChill together with farmers and food traders aims to implement innovative solar-driven cold rooms to store fruits and vegetables along the supply chain.The German partners, Solar Cooling Engineering GmbH and Phaesun GmbH have been in research on solar cooling technologies since 2013 and have implemented solar cooling solutions for fruits and vegetables, as well as milk cooling systems under the brand SelfChill®. The consortium offers workshops and training series targeting stakeholders from the agricultural and cold-chain business sectors, scientists and technicians.

Day 1:

Basics of solar refrigeration, product quality, principles of heat pumps, best practices of solar cold rooms design

Day 2:

Theoretical sizing of solar powered cold rooms, cooling demand (Thermal losses, infiltration etc.), ice storage design, battery and PV planning

Day 3:

Design toolbox for solar powered cold rooms: Review basics of refrigeration, solar storage rooms design,  PC practical (Excel-tool)

Info Days Training: September 4 and 5, 2023

The on-site training on solar cooling technology will take place at NSPRI headquarters. Km 3, Asa Dam Road, Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria.


      • Agricultural products concerning cooling
      • Solar storage rooms design
      • Hands-on activities for mounting the solar cold room components
      • Hands-on testing of the installation and system operation
      • Business model application on solar cold rooms

Due to the limited number of places available, you can apply for admission via our online application form below. 

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Cooling Conference Nairobi 2019
Solar Cold Storage Room Installation at NSPRI
Solar Cold Storage Room at NSPRI

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