Solar Cooling Training Zambia

Training on solar cooling technologies for agricultural value chains

Target groups: Solar technicians, cooling technicians, entrepreneurs

Intro: SelfChill is a concept for modular cooling solutions powered by solar. As core components SelfChill Cooling Units are used for the construction of a wide variety of cooling systems. A lot of material for the construction of the systems can be sourced locally.  Therefore the SelfChill concept enables local manufacturers, installers or entrepreneurs to construct cooling systems  locally and adapt the systems according to the needs of the final end-users. SelfChill cooling systems can be small- to medium-scale milk coolers, cold rooms or ice makers.

Training content and overview:

Monday 27.02.2023

9 am – 4 pm (1hour lunch break)

  • Cooling requirements of agricultural products
  • Calculation of cooling demand
  • Basics on refrigeration and basics on PV, batteries, thermal storage
  • Practical part 1: Cooling unit and PV power supply
  • Components overview of a solar cold room with thermal storage

Tuesday 28.02.2023

9 am – 4 pm (1hour lunch break)

  • Design and sizing of solar cold rooms

  • Group work: Comparison of different configurations with SelfChill Excel Tool Box
  • Visit of solar cold room

  • Economical aspects

  • Other SelfChill system configurations for milk cooling, ice production, air conditioning


Fountain Gate Crafts & Trades School
Location: Along Great East road approximately 4km from Silverest school opposite Pa Corner Bar,
10101 Lusaka, Zambia

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