Providing Know-how and material

The SelfChill learning steps

In the frame of our training, you are welcome to learn the most important basic knowledge on PV systems, refrigeration machines and get familiar with all necessary components.
At the end of the training, you will be able to design, construct and maintain your own solar cooling solution!

If your business runs well, our business runs well too!
This means it is very important for us to share with you technical knowledge and insights into the cooling solutions you are most interested in.
The best way to start is by participating in one of our training programs or by testing a SelfChill finalized system,
which includes personalized engineering support. You decide!

Last but not least: It is not just about technology, also about how to generate income by using SelfChill systems!

Join us for our engaging 1-3 day product training, designed for
government organizations (GOs), non-governmental organizations (NGOs),
and anyone interested in getting to know SelfChill and our cutting-edge

Learn from our experts through engaging sessions and interactive
discussions, and gain proficiency in using our cutting-edge cooling

Choose between our online course, live-online
training or on-site customer training in Germany or any other country.

Join us and enhance your knowledge of SelfChill technology!

Become a SelfChill partner or technician with our comprehensive 3-5 day training program.

Ideal for individuals looking to become a distributor or technician for SelfChill systems,
this training includes in-depth product knowledge, technical expertise, and hands-on training
to equip you with the skills needed to effectively install, assemble,
produce and design our solar cooling solutions.

Choose between our live-online training or on-site customer training
in Germany or any other country.

Join us and take the first step towards becoming a certified SelfChill partner or technician!

Get started

Take a look at our training at Strathmore Research Energy Centre in Nairobi, Kenya

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