SelfChill Conference & Expo Lusaka 2023

solar cooling solutions for agricultural products

The SelfChill team together with Fountain Gate Crafts and Trade School Lusaka and ID Solar Solutions Ltd invites to the SelfChill Conference on March 1rst, 2023, 08:30-14:00 EAT

SelfChill is a concept for modular cooling solutions powered by solar. As core components SelfChill Cooling Units are used for the construction of a wide variety of cooling systems. An ice storage stores the energy and compensates fluctuations. The SelfChill concept enables local manufacturers, installers and entrepreneurs to construct cooling systems such as medium-scale cold rooms, milk coolers or ice makers locally and adapt the systems according to the needs of the final end-users.
Several SelfChill systems have been installed in rural Kenya, Zambia and Tanzania for cooling milk, fish and vegetables leading to reduced post-harvest losses.

 Conference programme, 1rst March 2023:

Intro Session: 8:30 am -11.00 am

  • Introduction to SelfChill concept: Modular cooling solutions powered by solar
  • Overview of system configurations for milk cooling and cold rooms
  • Business models and impact studies
  • Q & A session with solar cooling experts

Practical Session: 11.00 am – 12.30 pm, followed by lunch

  • System demonstrations: SelfChill cold room, SelfChill small-scale systems, remote Monitoring & Control
  • Individual discussions and consulting
Cold Room Installation at Fountain Gate
Installation Milk Cooling System, Bungoma 2021
Solar Cooling Conference 2019


Wednesday, 1rst March 2023
8:30 – 2.00 pm (EAT)


Fountain Gate Crafts & Trades School
Location: Along Great East road approximately 4km from Silverest school opposite Pa Corner Bar,
10101 Lusaka, Zambia


SelfChill in Zambia:
The SelfChill team has installed  different solar cooling system configurations in rural East Africa with farmers and cooperatives for cooling fish, milk and herbs.
In Zambia SelfChill is active since 2020 to transfer knowledge about solar cooling technologies and implement cooling solutions in agricultural value chains.

SelfChill team:
The SelfChill engineering and sales team for product development is based in Germany with the three institutions Phaesun GmbH, Solar Cooling Engineering GmbH and University Hohenheim. Fountain Gate is the educational partner in Zambia. ID Solar Solutions acts as local distribution and technology partner for the Zambian market.

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