PV Cool Kenya

Project run time: 07/2020 – 06/2022

Partners: Phaesun GmbH, Solar Cooling Engineering UG, Strathmore University

Project activities:

  • Introduction of 3 SelfChill demonstration systems in rural Kenya: (a) milk cooling system with 500l tank, (b) cold room (20m³), (c) ice machine to produce 50kg ice/day
  • Trainings on system design, assembling, installation and operation of solar cooling systems
  • Promotion and awarenessbuilding measures

Developmental background: The rural population in Kenya is largely dependent on agriculture. In the dairy industry, about 80% of the products come from small farmers. Without a suitable cooling technology, the evening milk cannot be stored until the next morning collection, which leads to high income losses. In agriculture, high temperatures damage fresh fruit and vegetables as well as seeds for the next sowing period. The situation is similar in the fishing industry as small fishermen have hardly any possibilities to produce ice for cooling their catch. Purchasing ice from the ice industry in the region leads to high operating expenses. More than 50% of Kenya’s population has no access to the electricity grid and conventional cooling facilities; in rural areas, the electrification rate is particularly low and the demand for off-grid cooling solutions is especially high. However, refrigeration systems require a lot of adaptation and explanation; the market is not yet sufficiently prepared, with no essential training for both end customers and local distributors.

Project aim and measures: The aim of the project is to improve food safety, reduce waste and increase incomes among small-scale farmers in rural Kenya through the dissemination of solar-powered cooling solutions. The objective will be achieved by a) promoting the technology of solar cooling systems to potential target groups in Kenya, b) creating local expertise among distributors and technicians to design, assemble, install and operate cooling solutions according to local needs and c) offering a financing solution in form of PAYG. Three different cooling applications will be installed at 3 agricultural cooperatives to showcase the possible applications adapted to the need of the product. In order to transfer the technical knowledge for the design, installation and operation of the solar cooling systems to Kenya, at least 40 technicians and distributors will be trained directly in practical workshops and involved in the installation, operation and maintenance of the demonstration systems. Further activities will strengthen the sales and service capacities of local partners. Accompanying communication tools will be developed and disseminated to raise awareness and sensitise potential user groups, other stakeholders such as representatives of governmental organisations, NGOs and the professional public.

PV Cool is a develoPPP.de Project, co-financed by DEG from public funds of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development.

SelfChill demo systems

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