PV Cool Kenya: Application open for solar driven SelfChill demo units

SelfChill offers solar powered cooling systems for agricultural products. Within the PV Cool Kenya project, three solar powered cooling systems will be installed for demonstration purposes in Kenya.
The systems shall be used to cool food and agricultural products, thus improving shelf life and food quality.
At the same time, we want to demonstrate the operation of the systems in the field and collect data on user behavior and performance of the systems.
The users of the three demonstration plants will first be trained in the operation of the cooling systems. In the first year after commissioning, they will be continuously accompanied by the SelfChill team. Occasionally the plants are shown to interested parties. After one year the cooling systems become the property of the users. A local service provider continues to take care of the maintenance of the systems. The users receive the systems at a subsidized price.

The following SelfChill systems will be installed within the PV Cool Kenya project:

(a) SelfChill Milk Cooling Tank (500l/day, 4°C, transportable, solar powered)

(b)SelfChill Cold Room (20m², 10°C, solar powered)

(c)SelfChill Ice Maker (ice production: 50kg ice/day, solar powered)

The systems are suitable for cooling milk, food, fruit, vegetables, fish or meat. Users of the systems can be cooperatives, farms, food processing companies or similar.
If you are interested in using one of the three systems as part of the demonstration run, please fill out the questionnaire on the website www.selfchill.org/PV-Cool-Kenya or send an email to info@selfchill.org.
We will contact you with further information about the demo run and the application process.

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PV Cool Kenya Project and questionnaire for application:


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Contact: info@selfchill.org