Project “PV Cool Kenya” has started

The SelfChill team has started a new project to further develop the SelfChill approach and implement it in marketable products.

The Project “PV Cool Kenya” is carried out by the project partners Phaesun, Solar Cooling Engineering and the University of Strathmore and is supported by the developpp program of the German Investment and Development Corporation (DEG).

The aim is to demonstrate the functionality of different SelfChill systems in agricultural applications in Kenya, to transfer knowledge to stakeholders in Kenya through training and to raise awareness for solar cooling solutions.

For this purpose three demonstration systems will be installed, technical trainings and conferences will be held and communication activities will be carried out.

We started the project in July 2020 and it will end in June 2022.

The SelfChill team is looking forward to reporting regularly on the project activities and to inspiring as many stakeholders as possible about the possibilities of solar cooling!

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