Solar Powered and Climate-Friendly  Systems


The SelfChill Cold and Freezing Rooms are pre-configured plug and play kits.

The stand-alone systems come complete with PV panels, batteries, and optional grid connection. The kits include an inverter and charge controllers that seamlessly connect PV panels, batteries, and the Monoblock units.

With increasing concerns about climate change, and the need for sustainable energy solutions, our systems are game changers. They operate with ultra-low Global Warming Potential (GWP) refrigerant and are free of fluorinated gases, making them an eco-friendly solution.

The cold rooms are designed to cool up to 750kg of product per day to 2°C whist the freezing rooms are designed to freeze up to 300kg of products per day to -15°C. The kits are designed for extremely hot ambient temperatures up to 45°C. Our technical team adapts the amount of PV panels and Monoblock units based on your location and daily freezing requirements.


Flexible Source

The Monoblocks can be directly powered by solar energy using an inverter. During the night or in periods of low solar radiation, the system can switch to using lithium batteries or draw power from the electric grid

Natural Refrigerant

The Monoblock Cooling Units operate with less than 100g of R290, a natural refrigerant with an ultra-low GWP

Negative and Positive Temperatures

The  Monoblock Units provide up to (1.05 kWth)  when cooling and up to  (0.7 kWth) when freezing

  Hybrid Inverter & Charge Controllers

These components ensure that the solar power generated by the PV modules powers the Monoblocks and  charges the lithium batteries


A Design to Suit Your Needs

Not only are the  pre-configured kits available, but our team will also find a design that meets your cooling or freezing requirements



Positive Temperature

2° C – 10 ° C

> Cold Room Size (30m³ – 60m³) 

> Cooling up to 750kg of product per day  

> PV modules 

> Hybrid inverter

> Monoblock Cooling Unit

> Lithium Batteries

> Installation Material


 Negative Temperature

-15° C to 10 ° C

> Freezing Room Size (10m³ ) 

> Freezing up to 300kg of product per day  

> PV modules 

> Hybrid inverter

> Monoblock Cooling Unit

> Lithium Batteries

> Installation Material


Photovoltaic (PV) modules convert solar radiation into direct current (DC) electricity. This DC electricity is then efficiently transformed into alternating current (AC) by a hybrid inverter. The inverter powers the Monoblock cooling unit using solar energy during the day and seamlessly switches to grid power at night or when solar radiation is low. Alternatively, if the system operates fully off-grid, lithium batteries take over and supply power to the Monoblock unit during nighttime hours.

The number of PV panels and batteries is determined based on factors such as the cold or freezing room size, user requirements, and geographical location. The Monoblock cooling unit cools the air within the room by passing it through a refrigerant-filled heat exchanger. As a vapor compression heat pump, a significant portion of the cooling energy is extracted from the environment, making this system  efficient.