Air Conditioning Assembly Kit

The solar and climate-friendly air conditioning

About the product

SelfChill has observed that the majority of the home and office interchange heat system is air conditioning. Despite the great efficiency of these systems, they actually have one big problem, the refrigerant these systems are using is a high atmosphere destructor.

So, for this reason, SelfChill wanted to innovate in this home office heating and cooling system.  We are proposing the first solar and climate-friendly air conditioning.

We present our three kits for the different demands.

  • On-grid Model.
  • Off-grid day Model.
  • Off-grid night Model.


SCOP 4,60


6 | 8 | 10 Panels

R290 | 3 GWP

3,50 kW

Grid | 5 hours | 10 hours

How does it work?

The finalized system Air Conditioning Assembly is a pre-configured complete set, which has already been pre-assembled by the SelfChill team for the final plug-and-play installation. It is a hybrid system connection between PV panels and batteries.

The Air conditioning is perfect to heat or cold rooms between 13 and 27m2. Air Conditioning Assembly Kit SelfChill includes an inverter that connects the PV panels and the grid with the air conditioning system. So, during solar radiation periods, the air conditioning unit is fully powered by solar, but on a cloudy day, it can run with the PV panels or from the batteries. Moreover, the system runs with a natural and ultra-low GWP refrigerant, R290.

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