SelfChill Water Chiller pre-assembled for Cold Rooms or Milk Tanks

SelfChill Water Chiller

The heart of every SelfChill system!




Can you recognise the white plates inside the insulated blue box? These are the “cold part” of our SelfChill cooling units, which create up to 30 kg ice per day once immersed in water.

Cold water at 2°C is delivered from the bottom of the water chiller to the cold room or milk cooling system. Once the water is back it is cooled down by the stored ice.

Thanks to the use of ice-storage the water chiller can deliver up to 6 kW cooling power, even when the cooling units are off!

The water chiller integrates all needed electrical devices, such as charge controllers, batteries, thermostats or the optional adaptive control unit with integrated remote monitoring system.

Each water chiller can accommodate one to eight cooling units and be interconnected to further water chillers for large scale systems.

It can be customized and delivered as assembly kit or pre-assembled.

Can you build it yourself?

… and would like to use local materials?

You are very welcome to do that and count with our engineering support!


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