SelfChill Assembly Kits

SelfChill Assembly Kits* (all single components, requires pre-assembly before installation)

Available for Cold Rooms, Milk Cooling Systems, Ice-Makers and many other customized SelfChill solar cooling systems.

*Only available in combination with a previous purchased finalized system or after participation in a 5 days SelfChill training.



Are you ready to increase local added value to your SelfChill solar cooling systems? We too!

A typical SelfChill system has around 100 components of which around 70% can be sourced from the local market.

Through our engineering support, we are available for you during the design process, selection of local materials, assembly of the whole system, installation and maintenance.

You are the one who decides which components you need from us and which you don’t. This way, you can increase enormously the cost efficiency of your solutions while staying always ready to adapt to your customer’s needs.

And much more! If you use locally available renewable raw materials, your SelfChill system can become even greenhouse gas emissions neutral!


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