Finalized System SelfChill Ice Maker 50

Solar powered Ice-Maker for 50 kg ice per day. Plug and Play ready for final installation with all required pre-assembled components, and solar system. Training and engineering support included.

Ice-Compartments are delivered separtely depending on the needed specifications.

Suitable for ambient temperatures up to 40°C

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Do you need a system ready to be installed in the field?

We have three pre-configured SelfChill Systems available as plug & play solution.

“Finalized System” means every single component from the solar system to the water chiller is pre-assembled for an extremely easy installation in the field. Engineering support for the installation, fine-tuning and maintenance is included.

Do you need a different size? 

We can kindly adapt the size of your finalized system to your needs.

Will your system operate in a remote location?

You can optionally equip it with our SelfChill Remote Monitoring System to avoid unnecessary maintenance crew trips and assure a right operation of the solution.


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