A cooperation for sustainable cooling solutions

The SelfChill coalition offers all products and services for professional cooling devices.
It is a registered trademark and a cooperation of several institutions that bring individual expertise for product development, research activities, training, and product sales.

Scientific partner

Our scientific partner, the Tropics/Subtropics group of the Institute of Agricultural Engineering at the University Hohenheim/Germany, led by Prof. Dr. Joachim Müller, conducts extensive research and field studies in target countries to support our mission for sustainable cooling solutions.

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Developer of components & trainings

Solar Cooling Engineering is a spin-of company of the University concentrating on the technical product development of the cooling systems and offering engineering support. Solar Cooling Engineering offers trainings, capacities for online courses, training facilities in Germany and on-site trainings with local partners.

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Components distributor & integrator

Phaesun has extensive experience in the system configuration and sale of solar systems and components. Phaesun is the partner for the distribution of kits and components.

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Expert partner for high scale cooling solutions (Mini-Grid & Grid connected)

Asantys Systems is the specilized SelfChill parter for Mini-Grid and Grid-Connected high scale cooling solutions.

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