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Whether you are a potential customer, a current client, or simply interested in learning more about SelfChill, our FAQ page is designed to address your inquiries and provide helpful insights.
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What is SelfChill?

SelfChill is an approach to locally building modular cooling solutions using sustainable, high-quality components. Our approach also includes providing training and engineering support.

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How does SelfChill work?

SelfChill works with solar power to generate electricity, which is then used to run a cooling system that generates ice. The cooling energy stored in ice is delivered to different cooling solutions e.g. cold rooms to maintain a desired air temperature. The system can be customized to meet specific needs of different value chains.

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Is SelfChill easy to install?

Yes, SelfChill is designed to be easy to install and maintain. Our team works exclusively with highly qualified local partners to ensure that the system is installed correctly addressing final user needs.

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How much does SelfChill cost?

The cost of SelfChill can vary depending on the specific needs of each user and the size of the different cooling solution. Due to the adaptation of the technology to the local context and local added value involved, we strive to keep costs as low as possible to make our solution accessible to everyone.

Can SelfChill be used in areas without access to electricity?

Yes, SelfChill is specifically designed to work in areas without access to electricity. Our solution utilizes solar energy to power the system, making it an ideal option for regions with limited or no access to electricity.

Check out our projects page to see where our products have been successfully implemented in various locations around the world.

What are the environmental benefits of using SelfChill?

SelfChill is not only powered by renewable energy, but it also uses sustainable refrigerants and insulation materials, resulting in an ultra-low carbon footprint. By choosing SelfChill, users can reduce their impact on the environment and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Join us in our mission to promote eco-friendly cooling solutions for a greener planet.

Does SelfChill create a positive social impact?

Absolutely! SelfChill not only provides much-needed cooling access to the agricultural sector in rural areas of the tropics and subtropics, but it also involves local experts in the design, development, and testing of the solutions. This creates specialized jobs with immense future prospects for young generations, contributing to economic empowerment and sustainable development. With SelfChill, we aim to make a positive impact on both the environment and local communities, fostering a brighter and more sustainable future for all.

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What do I need to become a SelfChill partner?

At SelfChill, we thrive on collaborating with motivated teams that are willing to think outside the box and have a passion for creating a real impact by providing access to cooling solutions. Furthermore, you need to be a registered company or entrepreneur with experience on the field of solar and/or refrigeration. 

How can I learn more and become a solar cooling expert?

We offer both face-to-face and online training options to accommodate your needs. Please contact us to schedule a training session and we will be happy to assist you in furthering your knowledge and skills in working with SelfChill cooling solutions.

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How can I know if SelfChill technology is suitable for my project?

Simply send us an email with details about your project, and one of our experienced cooling experts will assess if SelfChill components are suitable for your specific cooling requirements. We will provide you with a preliminary design and recommendations to help you determine if SelfChill is the right fit for your project.

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